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I have now started changing all the files from .zip extensions to .ra extensions. On my setup you can no longer download the files without right clicking them and then scrolling down to Save Link As, so if you have any problems try that and if you still have problems e-mail me or sign the guestbook.

Song Title Date Length (m:s) File Size File Type
#41 (with Bela Fleck) Don't Know 16:39 1.85 MB Real Audio
Dancing Nancies September 11, 1992 4:43 552 kb Real Audio
Deed is Done Don't Know 4:52 577 kb Real Audio
Doobie Thing Don't Know 4:47 560 kb Real Audio
Get In Line October 21, 1994 5:00 586 kb Real Audio
Granny November 2, 1993 4:33 267 kb Real Audio